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About ARK Charties

Our Story


For years, the founders of ARK Charities Foundation have seen individuals and families in their community face hardships of all sizes.  They realized that sometimes all a person needs is a little support, motivation, or kindness to help steer them back down the right path. 

At ARK Charities, our goal is to help those who have tried to help themselves but need a little (or a lot) of extra help.  We  provide assistance to those individuals and families going through a rough time.  In addition, we believe in helping other community organizations that strive to reach the same goals as us. By working together on a common goal of helping, we can accomplish so much more. 

ARK Charities is a nonprofit foundation, and is run by generous donations.  Send inquiries about how to become a donor to  


Our mission is to provide assistance, through Acts of Random Kindness, to those families, individuals and groups that need temporary relief, aid during tough times, and assistance for projects that better the community. 
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