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Nothing can make the holidays more difficult than knowing you can't provide for your family.  Each year ARK charities supports local families so that they can have the resources they need. Whether it's food, clothes, or the basic hygiene necessities. 

We understand that every community has organizations who the community depends on to support those who are in need. And we also know that some times those organizations are the ones that need a little extra support.  ARK Charities provides support to local churches, schools and nonprofits for small projects, supplies, structural repairs, improvements and much more.

ARK Charities truly believes that kids are the key to a successful future, but also believes every child deserves a healthy and happy childhood.  Through our holiday and back to school support efforts we strive to offer kids hope and happiness. 

Applying for yourself and family

Applying on behalf of another individual or family

Applying on behalf of another organization (Church, School, ect.)

Referral from a partnering agency

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